Karen Tauches: FLA 4-EVER

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 15, 7–10pm
Exhibition dates: June 15—July 8, 2017

Day & Night Projects is pleased to present FLA 4-EVER, a solo exhibition by Karen Tauches. Presented are commemorative graphics for a changing state of FLORIDA.

The title of the show is taken from a custom Florida license plate the artist saw while traveling. It boldly declared: “FLA 4-EVER!” This is a funny contradiction, since the limestone shelf which makes up Florida emerges out of the ocean only temporarily in geologic time. The Sunshine State is therefore quite fluid and ephemeral (like so many of the most beautiful things in life).

A plurality of identities linger online and in advertising. Tauches works from the collective memory of Florida, as opposed to the real thing. She makes ceramics, photography and video installations which commemorate a changing state of FLORIDA, inspired by: tourist postcards & graphics, landscape paintings, highway signage, an early 20th century botanist, Miccosukee Indian skirt patterns, and the looming threat of hurricanes.

The only actual artifact in the exhibition is video footage which documents the ocean at Alligator Point, where rising sea levels are causing erosion and flooding.

About the Artist:

Karen Tauches is an artist, curator, and designer. She received her BA in communications and creative writing from Loyola University, New Orleans and then moved to Atlanta in the ‘90s. For 20 years, she has produced small and large scale exhibitions with many local galleries and art institutions in addition to organizing artist- initiated projects. She has served on the boards of ARTPAPERS magazine, BURNAWAY.org, Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, and the Hudgens Award. Presently she is the Creative Director at the Forward Arts Foundation/ Swan Coach House Gallery and continues working as a freelance artist and designer.

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