Mirror, Mirror/ In Time of Silver Rain

Mirror, Mirror/ In Time of Silver Rain

Mirror, Mirror:

Nicholas Steindorf and Raul Valverde

curated by MOUNTAIN

In Time of Silver Rain:

Michi Meko and Saige Rowe

curated by Selena

Opening Reception: Friday, Feb. 17, 7–10pm
Exhibition dates: Feb. 17–Mar. 12, 2017

Day & Night Projects is pleased to present two concurrent exhibitions in their Atlanta gallery, curated by MOUNTAIN and Selena, both artist-run spaces in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

MOUNTAIN introduces Atlanta viewers to New York-based artists Nicholas Steindorf and Raul Valverde in Mirror, Mirror. This exhibition is about simulated realities, intangible form, and the reflective nature of abstraction.

Raul Valverde has created a 3D rendered “virtual sculpture” that exists solely as a computer-generated simulation, but draws from source images of the physical gallery space of Day & Night Projects. Nicholas Steindorf will present a series of video works incorporating digital animation and moving image “still lifes” of both real and simulated objects.

Selena pairs Georgia artists Michi Meko and Saige Rowe in a unique dialogue with In Time of Silver Rain. The exhibition shares the same title as Langston Hughes’ poem from 1947, which speaks to a time of change when winter is ending and spring is beginning.

Michi Meko’s practice weaves Southern culture and contemporary street culture, enmeshing the personal and historical. Within these themes he employs assemblage, implemented through sculpture, painting, and video. Through nautical references, Meko speaks to Black Navigation as a means of understanding Blackness. Omitting an aura, these talismanic works imbue discarded objects with a mixture of spirituality and personal identity. Utilizing diverse materials including gold leaf, Georgia clay, bare wood, boxing gloves, found objects, charcoal, acrylic and spray paint, these hybridizations of time and material explore ideas of the self-tethered to history, but on a continual navigation towards re-imagined futures.

Saige Rowe’s colorful, performative, videos utilize the artist’s body exploring everyday objects. The performer, never shown entirely in frame, cuts into enclosed settings, often backyards and small rooms, creating disjointed compositional effects. The play of restrictive color and perspective creates a flirtatious space between personal femininity and the depth of the body as a vessel. A collapse of photography into video and vice versa is essential to the artist’s practice; Rowe’s assembled sculpture pushes further this collapse as screens can be incorporated in numberless ways.

About the Artists:

Raul Valverde (b. 1980, Madrid, Spain) lives and works in New York. Recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions at 300 Morgan, NY, and Ogami Press, Madrid; and a residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program. He has an MFA from School of Visual Arts; an MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London; and a BFA from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Visit valverderaul.com.

Nicholas Steindorf (b. 1987, Milwaukee, WI) lives and works in Brooklyn. Recent projects include a solo exhibition at Exo Exo, Paris and the launch of the 2nd download for the Virtual Dream Center, quarterly online exhibition platform. He has an MFA from Yale University and a BFA from Columbia College, Chicago.
Visit nicholassteindorf.com.

Michi Meko (b. 1974, Florence, AL) lives and works in Atlanta. He has a BA from Univ. of North Alabama. Recent projects include solo exhibitions at Univ. of Georgia Lamar Dodd Galleries, Athens GA, and Univ. of North Georgia. Meko is represented by Alan Avery Art Company in Atlanta.
Visit michimeko.com.

Saige Rowe (b. 1993) lives and works in Conyers, GA. She has a BFA from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Recent projects include exhibitions at Bodega, New York, NY and at Species, Atlanta, GA in collaboration with Linda Moncada.
Visit saigerowe.info.

About the Galleries:

MOUNTAIN is an artist-run apartment gallery in Bushwick presenting exhibitions and projects by emerging artists, founded by Michael Fleming in 2016.
Visit mountain.xhbtr.com.

Selena is an artist run space co-founded by Anjuli Rathod and Olivia Swider located in Brooklyn, New York.
Visit selenagallery.co.