The Voice Never Sleeps

The Voice Never Sleeps

The Voice Never Sleeps:
Steven L. Anderson, William Downs, Mark Leibert, and Tori Tinsley

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 17, 7-10pm
Exhibition dates: Nov. 17–Dec. 4, 2016

Day & Night Projects presents The Voice Never Sleeps, a group exhibition of its founding members: Steven L. Anderson, William Downs, Mark Leibert, and Tori Tinsley.

“The Voice Never Sleeps” describes an attitude and drive that these artists share: we make it happen, we work it through, we strive to understand, we listen to that inner voice, and we let our flags fly.

Steven L. Anderson’s works come out of a calamitous event in his studio, the accidental destruc-tion of a large Tree Ring drawing. The immediate, fist-shaking protest flag of “I’ll Never Stop Making Art,” and the longer-term picking up of the pieces in “Ten Thousand Years of Painting in Georgia” offer timely strategies of moving forward after a devastating loss.

Mark Leibert’s “Gather” captures a portrait of a colleague in the moment of developing. Painting with spray paint and hand-mixed oils & pigments on canvas, Leibert catches his tentative subject somewhere between vanishing and appearing.

Tori Tinsley’s acrylic paintings explore the changing relationship between the artist with her mother as she succumbs to a brain disease called fronto-temporal degeneration. “Cave Hug” and “Eye Poke” show us bright colors and dark spaces, as we care for and occasionally hurt the ones we love.

William Downs uses the figure as a foundation to build bodies and landscapes. In “Just stand on my head please” and a suite of nine ink washes on paper, Downs’ manipulated and layered lines allow for a mix of formal and surreal elements, uniting on the surface of the drawings.

“The Voice Never Sleeps” is on view Fridays 11am–4pm, Saturdays 11am–5pm, and by appointment. Contact or call 404-623-7289 for more information.